Here's what clients are saying about working with me.....

Kim Radke pic.jpg
Kim Radke

        4 Vehicles purchased

               Fort Mill, SC

"A huge thank you to Jon Gray with NeverPay2Much for helping me find the perfect new car,negotiating an awesome deal,& getting me out of my lease a few months early..all without having to step foot in a car dealership. Jon truly is the best at what he does & I wouldn't even think about buying a car without his help."

NP2M pic_Willis.jpg
The Willis Family

           Vehicles purchased

                 Charlotte, NC

"We always dreaded when the time came to buy a new car. Pushy salespeople, the back & forth, the hours spent at the dealership & in the end really not knowing if you got a fair deal. Having Jon on our side eliminated all of this & more. We got a great deal, the financing we wanted & never even stepped foot in the dealership. It was awesome!" Thanks Jon....

The McCabe's

        3 Vehicles purchased


               Charlotte, NC

"Jon Gray is a master. Our car buying experience was amazing. We didn't even step foot in the car dealership. You must call him before you buy your next vehicle. Thank you Jon we absolutely love our Highlander."

The Cassaro's

        3 Vehicles purchased

                  New York

"This is our 3rd vehicle we purchased through Jon with NeverPay2Much & we couldn't be happier. Especially since we don't even have to go to the dealership. Each time it's as easy as the last & we ALWAYS get a great deal!"

Thanks Jon.....

The Dewyer's

          3 Vehicles Purchased

               Charlotte, NC

"Jon makes it easy. We save money, don't have to do any of the typical back & forth & actually makes buying a car a pleasant experience. I've purchased 3 so far & have referred other friends to him. Everyone thanks me!" Keep up the great work.

The Nordstrom's

            Vehicles purchased

                Charlotte, NC


"We find the process of buying a new car extremely stressful. Jon took all that away by doing the negotiating for us. He handles everything from finding the PERFECT car, getting the BEST price for your new/used vehicle, & getting you a competitive trade in value. We will never buy another car without his help."

IMG_3470 (2).jpg
    Karen Baucom

             2 Vehicles purchased

               Blowing Rock, NC

"I will never buy another vehicle from anyone but Jon. I gave Jon the basic information and he looked after EVERY detail. His knowledge and relationships far surpass others. You will feel spoiled. Why go through all the hassle when he does ALL the work getting the best deal and a quality vehicle. Thrilled with both of my vehicles I've

purchased through Jon.

Mom & Dad

                  Lost Count!

                   New York

"Well what can we say....Our son has worked in the auto industry for as far back as we can remember. He truly enjoys helping people get a great deal & works extremely hard to get the best deal possible without all the hassle. Think we are on # 6.......We love you!"